About Us

B9hosting ??

B9 a short form for Benign that means a number of things to a number of people, to us it simply means to care, and that’s what our motto at B9hosting is.To take out the confusion out of website hosting and provide web development tools at the cheapest price, with quality support. so that you don’t waste your time in unnecessary back-end tech glitches and nitty gritty and focus on creating a beautiful and impactful website, We are here to manage the back-end !!

Our competitors play a number of games and create so much confusion among customers by promoting half cooked products, that continuously require regular and costly upgrade.That’s how they earn their lively hood.They use bait and trap principle.To charge at dirt price first and then when you are not watching, send you a heavy bill, that you were not expecting, from the oblivion.

We at B9hosting offer smart and simple web hosting offers along with a host of web development tools that saves you money and time, not just instantly but on renewals too and our tech support keep along with your journey.

Who We Are ??

We are “Tech Savvy Nerds” providing website related services day and night to our customers and always learning a few new skills here and there, in short we are tech professionals who do not know any life out of our work, and fortunately we enjoy it the most !!

We can handle all kind of Mood swings related to web requirements.You will definitely enjoy working with us. We are available 24×7 to serve you and save you time in Googling about hosting queries, just ping us here or go to our Support Section.

You would love our speed and functionality.Let’s connect and have a coffee together.