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Upgrade Your Email To Professional Business Email,And Get Cool Email like with dedicated Space !!

Business Email

Cheapest Professional Email

  • Use Your Own Domain
  • 5 GB Space Per Mailbox
  • Access By Webmail, Mobile App or Outlook
  • Reliable And Fast Delivery
  • Add Or Delete Email Id’s Any time
  • Start As Low As INR 27 per email
  • 24 X 7 Tech Support
Pricing:- $ 0.33 Per Email Per Month For Ist Year

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Business Email OX Suit

G Suit

Get G Suit For Your Team

Reliability Of Gmail Backing Up Your Brand

  • 30 GB OF Abundant Space
  • Use Familiar features of Gmail
  • Use From Mobile,Desktop Or Browser
  • Start As Low As $ 1.9 Per Email Per Month
  • Add/Delete Additional Emails Any time
  • Free Technical Setup and Maintenance
  • 24 X 7 Tech Support
Pricing:- $ 1.9 Per Email Per Month
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Business Email

What is the difference in my cpanel email (free email) and Business Email ?

Free email or Cpanel email that you get with your hosting are sharing space with your website files.These are limited to the overall space of your hosting, although you can always use pop to download emails on your device rather than keeping them on server, therefore can manage space issue.

Business Emails are hosted on a separate server, completely optimized for faster email delivery and have dedicated and more quota in comparison to Cpanel email.

Also in case of business email, they will remain active, even if your site goes down as they are on separate server.

Can I add more email boxes later on ?

Yup you can, any time.You can start with a single email and then add any number of emails in future.

Why do I see higher pricing while booking emails for only one month ?

Lowest per month pricing is offered only while booking for one year time period at least.

For monthly package pricing is higher than our best offer.Monthly package are just to offer a chance to try them out before going for a full time email replacement.

If you are happy with business email experience, book for one year package to get best price.

Can I add more space to my business email accounts ?

We offer standard business emails with 5 GB dedicated space.If you run out of it, you can always empty it by downloading emails using pop on your desktop.

If you do not want to do that, contact us and we can move you to some higher custom package with more space.

Do I have to manage all G suit admin settings my self ?

We offer a managed G Suit experience and all the initial settings is done by our tech support.

You just sit back and enjoy awesome email and sip your coffee !!

We are there for you !! We are born for this !!